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new commercial roof is a costly investment with practical and aesthetic implications – the roof is your business most important protection against rain, snow and natures elements. The roof can also significantly impact the appeal of your home in the eyes of potential buyers. But it also effects insurance, Liability and claims. For the best commercial roofing contractors, look no further than Roofing Plus. 

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Commercial roofs require a different type of material than a residential home. The construction of the roof is inspected for adhesion, structure and proper pitch. Since some commercial roofs are flat a standard shingle tab cannot be used due to water can backflow against the tabs creating water buildup, then causing heat and cold issues with these elements sitting there. That’s why you need to work with the best commercial roofing contractors to ensure the job is done right. 

Commercial Roofs are usually PVC, TPO or EPDM and or metal. These processes are done with heat, proper staged inspections to make sure all assets are properly ventilated, used and meet a building code standard. 

Roofing Plus works closely with city and county inspectors to make sure your commercial roof meets all building code standards. Roofing Plus is commercially prepared with the right equipment to do the job. A engineer managed to make your roof stable and these steps should be followed by our team of licensed commercial roofing contractors. 

Why Do People Choose a new roof?

According to recent studies of people that have replaced their roof in the past 5 years these are the reasons why people replaced their roof on their home.


51 %


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commercial roofing contractors


Roofing Plus has been in business over 40 years and looks to find the best solution for the long term. We are passionate about providing the best quality product and to match the lifetime value you need from your structural building Commercial or Residential Home. 


Absolutely, We want to make sure we quote the right price and give you a variety of solutions and the only way to do that properly is with one of our free roof inspections. 

As we all know roofing warranties are as long as the company is in business. Since Roofing plus has been in business since 1982 We are able to offer warranties even better than the materials we use. 

Different Jobs require different permits, inspections and engineering. We follow building codes and engineering specifications to eliminate any headaches. These type of things add to the job for time and transport of material. 

Another companies quote may be based on clearance items, type of labor used and the quality of how they do the job. We do not sacrifice any of that for the sake of price. We may not be the cheapest, We are not the most expensive, But we are the best. 

This is done on a case by case basis. We need to make sure we are certified to install that type of shingle and it meets building codes standards. Each shingle manufactures has a certification process or a installation checklist that must be met for warranty to be official. 

We will never be a typical roofing company, We are community, quality and 


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